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Why is my husband so angry? This is a question I get a lot. Many women feel the pain of living with an angry male and want help.

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Are you a wife who says “I just want my husband to want me?” You are not alone. Some wives are ready to let people know the stereotype doesn’t fit them.

Aisha Dannupawa, a housewife and mother-of-three in Nigeria’s Zamfara State, asked for her marriage to husband Ali Maizinari to be dissolved due to his large manhood.

So let’s get right to it. For the first 3.5 years after my beautiful husband died, the very idea of dating or “someone else”, literally made me sick to my stomach.

I could feel heads turning all around me as I walked through the crowded banquet hall. Not that I was bothered. It’s something a teen gets used …

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I’ve spent the last few weeks wondering if I should own this story or if I’ve said too much, but I think it’s time we have a very open and honest …

May 05, 2018 · When I met my husband he wasn’t circumcised. After being together for a while and being comfortable with each other I one day retracted his foreskin and said “you should leave it like that.”

Jun 28, 2013 · A California ex-wife convicted of severing her then husband’s penis and putting it in a garbage disposal was sentenced to life with a parole chance in 7 years.

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This is a film I made (The Author) in 2005 for the BBC. “I guess this thing is about having a small dick, and it’s horrible saying that because it’s true…. And why is it such a problem? This is what this film is about”. My Penis and I follows my two-year journey to discover if …

Lorena Bobbitt, the woman who cut off her husband’s penis in 1993, spoke out on the Monday, Nov. 9, episode of Steve Harvey — see her now!

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